Shannon Saint Roux
(Erotic short stories)

Pink Converse

Dennis is having family troubles, his wife and daughter hate him, but is finding comfort in a short sexual liaison with a much younger woman who, in effect, wants paying for her services, the right thing to do?

I read this in one sitting. The MC is realistic, and I empathised from the get-go. I enjoyed this short so much I sought out two other shorts by the same author. 

Shannon Saint Roux

Shannon Saint Roux is a writer of fiction. Follow Shannon on Twitter


The Sub

Mark needs more spice in his life, with more than a bit of slap and tickle. Spotting a riding crop on the profile picture of a local girl on a dating app has him stepping into the world of BDSM. The question is, will he want to step back out?

The Sub is a little longer than the other two, so I read it in 2 sittings. The premise is realistic, and the characters are relatable.

Highly recommend.

It's because I enjoyed this and Pink Converse so much that I went on to read Professor Bill. 

Professor Bill

What can I say but take heed? These things can and do happen. You will love to hate Professor Bill and to find out why, you need to read this erotic short.

Saint Roux pulls no punches with this one. They don't sugar-coat it. There are men out there like Professor Bill. Predators.

After reading the other two shorts by Shannon Saint Roux, I couldn't leave this one on the shelf and though I squirmed, it's a fantastic read again for the realism.

Am eagerly awaiting more from this talented author.