C.P. Daly
Dead After Midnight

Dead After Midnight

What can I say? This is how you start a book! Straight into it with a juicy murder, a girl on the run and a background plot to unravel!

Suzie Q is a prostitute working for the mob and doing the rounds in a prison no less! Her so-called friend Lucy got her the gig in the first place and she ends up hanging at the end of a rope. Does the mob think Suzie can identify them? So Suzie runs from the prison. She turns to the only friend she thinks she has, Luke, but he turns out to be an FBI agent! Annnnnd RUN....

Suzie starts a new life in a little town but how long before her past catches her up?

You will have to read to find out.

C.P. Daly

My reading tastes are an eclectic mix of thriller, crime, romance, and the occasional fantasy novel. But, when I put pen to paper, I can’t resist the intrigue of a mystery/thriller.

I made the leap from writing short stories to completing, The Kelsey Woods trilogy:

Dead After Midnight - (debut novel, released in May of 2020)

Dead Before Sunrise - (released December of 2020)

Dead Days Ahead - (released March of 2022)

Currently I am working on a stand alone thriller-Bloody Water-set in Nova Scotia, Canada. Due to be released in November of 2023.

The beautiful east coast of Canada, is where I call home. I have been blessed with a wonderful family, including six adorable grandchildren.

I enjoy hearing from readers.
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Member of Sisters in Crime.