G.G. Collins

Dead Editor File

Dead Editor file was my first 'cozy mystery' but won't be my last.
Taylor works at a literary agency. Her boss is found dead in a locked room murder.
Her client Damielle has written a locked room thriller and she too turns up dead.
The murderer thinks Taylor knows who they are! Will the handsome detective catch the killer before they strike again?

All the suspense of a mystery without the gratuitous gore.

G.G. Collins

G G Collins loves the southwestern US where many of her stories are located. She can be found hiking through ruins of the ancient ones and enjoying New Mexican cuisine. When not traipsing about, she makes up stories with great friendships, quirky characters and, oh yeah, dead bodies. In real life she shares her time with a man, several neurotic—and psychic—cats and the ongoing struggle to grow a garden.

Inspired by the American southwest, its many cultures and Native American traditions, GG Collins writes two mystery series set in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Whether you enjoy chilling paranormal mysteries/thrillers or cozy cat-inhabited puzzles, Collins delivers.