Kevin D. Miller


This is how you start a book! A girl going about doing her work and the U.S. government kidnap her. Yara Del Rey is a volcanologist investigating seismic activity in a volcano when the American government bundle her away to deal with a potentially cataclysmic eruption of the caldera at Yellowstone. The man in charge of the investigation is looking to profit from thermal energy, will not listen to Yara's advice and drills anyway.

Yara hires Clayton Red Sky to fly her over the area just as Yellowstone blows.

Do Yara's loved ones survive? Will she ever get home? Is home still there? You will have to read and find out. 

Gripping from start to finish.

Kevin D. Miller

Air Force veteran and Award-Winning Best-Selling Author, Kevin D. Miller woke up one day to learn his last name wasn't the name he used his entire life. His name wasn't the All-American Miller, but the very Polish Puchalski. Some old newspaper articles he stumbled across revealed a deep family secret and a terrible tragedy on a rural Ohio farm in 1920. This sent him on a search for the truth. A truth his grandfather took to his grave and never spoke of. What Kevin learned about his grandfather and his family shook him to his core and still reverberates to this day. The story affected him so profoundly, he decided to write a book about it, "HEART OF STEEL: Based on a True Story", and share his grandfather's incredible and inspiring story of courage and love for his family.

Kevin's love of telling stories continues with his later releases of, WHITE SKIES BLACK MINGO, EYES OF MORPHEUS, and TAQUOMA. THE TIMEPIECE LEGACY will be released in the summer of 2023.

Kevin was born in Canton, Ohio, and grew up in Tempe, Arizona. He lives with his wife, Annette, and two daughters, Emily and Gracie, pursuing acting careers in Hollywood.

Kevin is also a professional Web Developer and fitness enthusiast.

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