JT Atkinson

We Hide in the Shadows

It's not easy to hit my "uncomfortable" button or as I like to call it my "ick" reaction. J.T. Atkinson did very well with this. I was uncomfortable all the way through. It's the way we want to feel when we read horror and not many authors manage it when the reader's day job is an occult practitioner. 

Katherine is luring young men to their deaths.  The creatures she hands these luckless men over to are soulless, supernatural cannibals who like their food kicking and screaming while they eat. When she falls in love with Tom, will she give him up to save herself?

You'll have to read to find out.

JT Atkinson

A writer of many years, but only published in recent years, I have managed to avoid all of the interesting jobs every other writer seems to have done. Unless you get excited by the wet fish counter at Asda. I am the author of the bestselling Amongst Demons and We Hide in the Shadows, the first 2 books in The Covenant series. The third book in The Covenant series, In It's Wake, is coming soon!