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The Presence

The Presence is a page turner, and the story kept me engaged throughout.Philip Meese is either in a paranormal profession or spent a lot of time researching the subject, especially in regard to mediums, the spiritualist church and exorcisms. Philip has information that I would expect only an occult practitioner to have. In short, his work is on point.The Presence is set around Kate Thorpe, who lands the job of a lifetime at a haunted house and her family. Ever the professional, Kate designs ways for the company who own Blackmoor Hall in Lancashire to cash in on the ghostly occurrences, but the resident ghost has other ideas. Jane Weston was (and is) a wicked witch. She is so bad that getting burned at the stake a few hundred years ago did nothing to slow her down. and there is no length she won't go to, to get her house back from the trespassing Thorpe family. Up to and including murder. Who will she get rid of? And How?And for the answer to that I highly recommend you read the book! 

Philip Meese

Philip Meese was born in Salford in 1980 and has lived in Manchester his entire life, apart from a three-month spell in Turkey when he worked as a holiday rep for Thomas Cook. He started his writing career with articles about football before focusing on becoming a published author. In May 2019, his debut novel, Diary of a Call Centre Agent, was published by Austin Macauley in both paperback and e-book. His second novel, The Presence, was released in March 2022. 

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