Ken Stark

Arcadia Falls

The home of nightmares. Ken Stark knows how to draw you in from the off and keep you in suspense all the way through. Arcadia Falls is a horror story in the main, with several personal stories going on in the background.People are going missing in Arcadia Falls. The problem is, once they're gone, they're forgotten. No one alerts the police, and no one goes looking for them.What is lurking in the shadows?Well, I'm going to leave you to read and find out!  

Ken Stark

Ken writes not only horror, but he mostly does. Why? Because when it comes to shining a light on the best and worst of mankind's nature, nothing works better than a dark backdrop. If it gives a few people nightmares along the way, he'll take that as a bonus. Ken lives in Vancouver, Canada, and when he isn't writing, we can often find him reading, painting, or dreaming of a beach house in Hawaii. Amazon Author Page: Twitter: Facebook: Author's Website: 

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