Cathy Hopkins

Retribution of a Stranger

I came in to the series on the second book but the author covered the backstory well enough that it brought me up to speed.

Rebecca was (in book 1) hounded by her biological father. He killed several of her loved ones, but when he went after her children, Rebecca killed him in defence. Cue book 2.

Rebecca starts to receive letters similar to those her father had sent her in book 1. But he's dead, so who's sending the letters?

What follows in the story of the retribution of a man who believes he is the son of the serial killer Fred Smith from book 1. 

Cathy Hopkins

Cathy works in the finance industry by day and author by night. She enjoys writing, traveling, and  meeting new people. Cathy has alway been drawn to the twists, surprises, and action of mystery and suspence stories. The love of these stories is the foundation to her dreams of publishing a novel in the same genre.