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Elora's Secret

Cute! Cute! Cute! And sexy hahaha.

Elora is an escaped slave. While she was in captivity, she fell in love with a guy called Alexander (a member of the slave owners,) but her escape means she leaves him behind.

Cue moving on, and she's with another dominion and they catch a human-like creature for sacrifice and it turns out to be Iris! Alexander's sister.

Obviously, Elora helps Iris to escape but then loses her just in time for Alexander arriving to look for his sister.

Want to know what happens?

Read the book! 

Layla Hawke

Layla Hawke grew up in California, where she earned her university and post-graduate degrees. She's interested in almost everything and finds few things more enjoyable than travel, writing, hiking, or learning something new. A lot of people hear California, and they think avant-garde. But it's a big state and the parts where Layla spent her childhood are small town agricultural areas with frequently traditional ways of living and thinking. Since then, she's also lived in large cities, giving her a sense of varying lifestyles, communities, and the people who dwell within them. She would also affirm that no area has people who are all the same. With her upbringing, Layla has always appeared conventional to people around her. This sets up an interesting dichotomy because Layla's interior life, interests, ideas and imagination have never fit the exterior. She's comfortable with this disparity and has chosen the best of her upbringing to embody in daily life and work, while continuing free-spirited thinking. As unconventional as some aspects of her imagination have been, Layla never envisioned writing her dystopian Navigations series. When the idea came to her, and couldn't be ignored, she made the choice to write under a pen name. The decision means she doesn't have to spend time and energy explaining her goals and intentions as a writer, but also there's no confusion with books she's otherwise had published. While her Navigations stories are the only ones she's released under her new name, many more projects are coming. Layla started by writing children's books, expressing her quirky sense of humor, and is traditionally published in various genres under a different pseudonym. She loves Indie and hasn't even tried submitting the work she's publishing as Layla Hawke. Indie allows for unique voices, styles and approaches. 

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