George Orwell

Animal Farm

Politics remains the same as in Orwell's time. Animal Farm as the name suggests is about animals on a farm. They revolt against the farmer and take the running of the farm and themselves into their own hands (hoofs/trotters/claws).

But then Napoleon, a pig, takes over by force and their lives are no better than they where under the farmer, but with clever propaganda they are made to believe that it is. 



1984 follows the life of Winston Smith who in 1984 decides to write a diary. On the surface this is not very peculiar, other than in Orwell's 1984 the political despotism of the socialist party known only as 'The Party' has the world in a cruel stranglehold and diary writing is forbidden. The world is at war, but you never know quite who with. 

Orwell coined the term 'Big Brother' who watch constantly for people to flout the never-ending list of rules. As The Party re-writes history to suit its own ends, Winston flouts more and more rules, but will the 'Thought Police' catch up with him?