Poetic Justice

DI Jack Dylan - Prequel.

I have put Poetic Justice at the top of  the list because, although it is the latest work it is the prequel to the DI Jack Dylan series.

Dylan's wife is killed when she is the passenger in their car when it takes a nose dive down an embankment, but the male driver is not her husband. When Dylan discovers the truth of the driver's identity he won't rest until he discovers the motive.

Their daughter Isla is suffering from a mental illness. He has just lost his wife, can life be so cruel that he will lose his daughter too?

Children from a local care home turn up badly abused. As the plot thickens it sickens and while his heart is wrenched from his chest regarding his family, Dylan will not rest until the abusers are found and brought to justice.

Who was the man who drove Dylan's wife to her death?

What was his motive? Who is abusing children?

To find out you will have to read the book.

Deadly Focus

DI Jack Dylan Book 1.

A little girl goes missing from outside her home and her naked body is discovered on the moors.

While Jack is investigating the first murder a second child is abducted. A chilling reminder of years gone by sweeps the reader and Dylan has a serial killer to catch before he strikes again.

When DI Jack Dylan picks up the scent of the killer and it leads him back to the station, it is literally the last person he would think of.

To find out who, you will have to read the book.

R.C. Bridgestock

The crime-writing duo that is husband and wife team Bob and Carol Bridgestock are ex-police officers and are able to put a wealth of knowledge into their books.

Based in Yorkshire they are the advisors on the Happy Valley series.

For more information please see their website - here