Nothing Sacred

The poor hapless Earl Grey (yes as in the tea) has a mission he knows nothing about. Yet.

As a reporter, he gets sent to the hospital bedside of a John Doe, who people think is 'God'.

With his trusty sidekick Orlando and the lady of his dreams, Miss Wu, Earl finds out the truth about Doe, but all is not as it seems. Definitely a divine comedy!

M.J. Featherston

Before belly-flopping into the deep end of the writing pool, Martin spent several excruciating decades in the business world. However, during that time, he found great personal joy as a lecturer at Montreal's McGill University.

Now, free from politically correct corporate-speak and the obligation to wear pants, he writes short stories and fictional novels from his home in Canada.

Born in Rugby, England, Martin was snatched from the crib and quickly immersed in all facets of British humour. He spent his childhood looking for the meaning of life through a lens dominated by Goodies, Pythons and Galactic Hitchhikers. So, it should be no surprise that, as a grown man, his global perspective remains a tad bent.

Unable to skate, Martin became an outcast in Canada and summarily banished to the small village of Elora, Ontario, where he was outnumbered by cows. As such, he has embraced a dietary policy of no red meat to pacify the more militant bovines in the neighbourhood. His hobbies include Amateur Radiology, Ardvarkian Philosophy and collecting pottery-based weapons.

Martin is a citizen of both the U.K and Canada and plans to leave everything to his Great


You can contact him at www.anywhen.ca

M.J. Featherston on @FromGreenhills