Kacey Kells


This book needed to be written and needs to be read. This young girl's journey, the ups and the heartbreaking downs had to be released. Kellcey's journey sadly isn't a one off rare occurrence and many young girls need to read this to understand that they aren't alone. My heart broke and bled for her time and again and I read on praying for things to improve. Did they? You shall have to read to find out.I can give you a little insight. Since reading this book, I have got to know the young lady in question and she is a true warrior. Forever and on fighting for women's rights. Kacey is an inspiration to young women everywhere. A girl who came through the darkest that humanity had to offer and became a beacon of light for women everywhere.  

Kacey Kells

My name is Kacey Kells. I was born and raised in Victoria, BC. I’m 28. When I was 17, I have been sexually assaulted. My life was turned upside down; I was overwhelmed with fear and shame (even if it wasn’t my fault!). I was like trapped in a bubble, unable to speak, caught in a downward spiral. I was later diagnosed with a PTSD. Since my parents divorced, I followed my mother in Europe and we settled in London. One day, my counselor at the Rape Center said I should write something about what had happened, a personal diary, because she thought it could help me heal. Later, she asked to read it; then she said it should be published, arguing that it could be useful to other victims and help people understand… I didn’t want my personal diary to become a book, I didn’t want to be known as ‘the girl who was raped’. But my mom did her best to convince me; I finally agreed and my personal diary became a book: “KELLCEY”. I now live and study in Paris. Recently I wrote a book on the objectification of women, its consequences, and how empowering women can help modern society to tackle global challenges: “(His)Story of Women: the Second Sex”. This book came naturally to me: I had to write! It was like a necessary contribution to promote women’s rights. 

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