J.R. Ward
The Black Dagger Brotherhood

1: Dark Lover

Featuring Wrath and Beth.

When Black Dagger Brother Darius asks Wrath to help his half-human daughter to get through her transition, Wrath-the last remaining pure-bred vampire refuses. But then Darius is killed when a lesser detonates a bomb under his car. In honour of his brother-in-arms, Wrath concedes to Darius's last request.

Beth, daughter of Darius, is a newspaper reporter. After getting attacked on her way home from work, she should be afraid of men, males. But then there's the big stranger with long black wavy hair falling from a widows peak. All she can feel is lust.

Will Wrath fall in love with Beth? Will he stave off the lesser attacks? Will he ever take the role of his birth right and become the ruling king? And, what is Detective Butch O'Neal's role in all of this?

Use the link to find out more about the sexy, hunky, gorgeous BDB and their amazing world. This is an unmissable series and I hope we will soon see it on the big screen.

Arguably the best vampire series on the market. 

2: Lover Eternal


Featuring Rhage and Mary.

Mary has enough on her plate without getting thrown into a world of vampires. Having beaten cancer once the threat of it having come back is enough to consume her. The only thing that helps take her mind off the worry is helping out at the local Samaritan helpline but a silent caller is about to throw her world upside down.

The brother Rhage has an appetite for fighting and for women. It's not surprising that with his "Hollywood" good looks, women come high on his list of requirements, but he has a secret. A deadly secret. He needs the sex to take the edge off and to keep his beast satiated so he doesn't hurt those he loves. Unfortunately when he bonds with the human Mary and is unable to go elsewhere for his release it puts everyone at the brotherhood mansion in danger.

John Matthew is a mute orphan, but a birthmark on his chest is about to change the course of his destiny.

Zadist is the most evil of the brothers, but even the scarred one has feelings and when the lessers take something he cares for, they picked a fight with the wrong brother.

To find out what on earth's going on you will have to read the book. 

3: Lover Awakened


Featuring Zadist and Bella.

Zadist—my least favourite Brother. 

The meanest of the bunch. The Brother even the Brother's are wary of. And some Lesser just took the only thing he cares about.

Bella—sister of Rehvenge is the love interest not only of Zadist but of his twin brother Phury. Now a Lesser has her in his torture den. David is unhinged and thinks Bella is his wife. David doesn't treat his women too well.

Zadist saves Bella in the nick of time—she won't survive another beating. Although in Z's wayward mind, Bella needs to be with a worthy male, he sees her through her needing. But, he's a mess. He's tainted. He can't read and write. She should be with Phury. No matter what his logic tells him, he is hell-bent on revenge. Unfortunately, his twin brother has other ideas and pretending to be Zadist walks deliberately into a trap. Of course, Zadist can't let his twin die for him, so he walks right on in after him.

​Do they survive?

Will Zadist ever get over what the Mistress did to him as a blood slave and be able to mate Bella, or will he back away and let Phury mate to the female they both love?

​To find out you need to read the book. 

4: Lover Revealed


Featuring Butch and Marissa.

Butch has long since left his human life behind, but, he is still human. When he sacrifices himself to save a vampire civilian, the Omega gets his hands on him and sends him back infested with evil. Vishous calls on Marissa to save him

When it turns out that Vishous knows a way of turning Butch into a vampire he takes the chance. Why not? He has nothing to lose. His heart is already lost to the aristocratic vampire Marissa. Wrath's first shellan. And she doesn't want him.

Somewhere in Butch's ancestry he has a bit of vampire blood. Of Wrath's line no less!  With ties like this to the brotherhood there is only one thing he can do, but Marissa isn't happy about him risking his life to become a vampire. 

5: Lover Unbound


Featuring Vishous and Jane.

As a child and on the last night of her sister Hannah's life, Dr Jane Whitcombe played with an Ouija Board. The spirits told her she would marry Vishous.

Lessers shoot Vishous during a fight and somehow he ends up in a hospital in the hands of humans! Dr Jane Whitcomb saves his life and keeps his six-chambered heart beating.

Vishous bonds with Jane and, as his brothers come to bust him out of the hospital, kidnaps Jane.

Jane finds herself in the grip of Stockholm Syndrome as she fights to keep her emotions for the vampire under control.

Worse still, Vishous finds out that the Scribe Virgin is no virgin and is, in fact, his mother. Not only that, she is about to marry him off to the forty or so Chosen to keep the warriorhood alive and fighting.

Will Vishous return Jane to her own life?

Will the Scribe Virgin allow him to turn his back on the Primale position?

To find out you will have to read the book. 

6: Lover Enshrined

Featuring Phury and Cormia.

Why have I marked this down I hear you ask? Because Phury is an absolute swine to Cormia, that's why!
He really is the big "I am". He's the Primale, no less! By bringing Cormia out of her comfort zone. Out of the sanctuary. Away from her sisters. He has her completely at his mercy! And when he has messed Cormia's heart and head completely up, he is still going to marry and have s.e.x. with the other forty or so Chosen. Yes you read that right. FORTY. Right at this moment he is worse than his twin Zsadist.
To find out what the blaggard does to the adorable Cormia, you will have to read the book.

7: Lover Avenged

Featuring Rhevenge and Ehlena

Rhevenge is on an express train to self-destruction. The scorpion venom from the princess's scary lingerie is surely killing him and his tenure as drug lord extraordinaire is being sought by Lash, son of the Omega. And, his dopamine sites are infected.
The only person who pursues his treatment is a nurse by the name of Ehlena. But, that's in her job description... Right?

Rhevenge fakes his own death and warns Xhex and The Moors not to come looking for him. So when he gets abducted will anyone think to look for him? Well, there's the nurse, but taking on the Princess and the whole colony of sympaths is not in her job desctiption... Right?

To find out you need to read the book.

8: Lover Mine

Featuring John Matthew and Xhex.

I actually read this first because a copy landed in my hands free of charge. Don't all great love stories start like that?
Anyway. Lash, son of the Omega has kidnapped Xhex and is holding her prisoner in an apartment surrounded by so much of his own version of Mhis that John Matthew and The Brothers' enter the room where she is enslaved and can't see her!
But, Lash is falling to pieces. Literally. Will Xhex escape before Lash becomes an oil slick? If she escapes, will she accept John's undying love? I mean he's twenty-something and she's three-hundred and something. That's one heck of an age gap.
And, what has NoOne got to do with any of this?

To find out just read the book already!

9: Lover Unleashed

Featuring Payne and Dr Manuel Manello

If you've been paying attention and have already read books 1 through 7 you will know who this pair of unlikely partners is. If you do, you may miss the recap. If you don't, you should go back and read the series starting with book one - Dark Lover.

Vishous has a twin sister that his mother, the creator of the race, the Scribe not-so-Virgin has birthed to the Bloodletter, (bad barsteward that abuses everyone.)
When Wrath breaks Payne's back - yes you read that right - during a sparring match the only option they have when Payne refuses help from her mother is for her to come to the training centre and let Vishous's shellan Jane take a look. She can't fix Payne and agrees to help her out of her misery! But then she remembers the human physician, Dr Manny Manello. Cue romantic interlude. But, his racehorse has a broken leg. (Well, he shouldn't be racing horses.) The thing is, like he couldn't fix his horse's leg, he can't fix Payne's back and Vishous has promised to put her out of her misery if he can't. (Well, we'd do it to the horse, wouldn't we?)
Will Payne and Glory (the horse) make it out of the book alive?

To find out, read the book.

10: Lover Reborn

Featuring Tohrment and Autumn
I have to be honest I can't rave about this one. If you've read 1 to 9 you know that Lessers murdered Tohr's mate Wellsie and unborn son. Which is why I find it hard to stomach that he is moving on already and that the only way Wellsie and their son can get out of the in-between is if Tohr falls in love with someone else.
Cue Autumn. Original name No-One AKA Xhex's mum who killed herself when Xhex was born because she didn't want to be Mahmen to a Sympath. I'm not feeling the reunion vibe here either. I mean would you want anything to do with a woman who would rather kill herself than be your mother?
It's a must-read as it's part of the series, but-well just but, I can't love it. You might. Especially if you are a Tohr fan by now, but I just can't. Sorry.

11: Lover at Last

Featuring Qhuinn and Blay
THIS IS IT! This is the book which if you have read books 1 through 10, you are chomping at the bit to find out what happens.
We all know the back story between Qhuinn and Blay, and if you don't, I strongly suggest you go back to Dark Lover and start again.

Qhuinn knocks Layla up. YES you heard right! She goes into her needing and he does the dirty deed!
Blay dumps Saxton. Horses and gates. A little bit too late.
Then Layla starts to miscarry! Qhuinn and Layla - absolutely devastated. Phury none too pleased about any of it. Havers, an absolute bell-end. Again. Nothing changed since the beginning of the series. But, Doc Jane can't do anything.
Qhuinn, whose daughter had sent him back from the door to the Fade after the honour guard had ended his life, now looks like she will never get to meet her daddy in real life. Did Qhuinn dream her?

Layla is in love with Xcor. For real. Xhex gets Xcor's rifle and the barrel and bullett from Wrath's neck, match! Wrath has the evidence to behead him. Now, Xcor's a traitor. So, what does the Chosen Layla, do? She goes to the place she fed him, of course. Her blood is still tripping about in his belly and he turns up!

There's a lot going on in this book.
Trez, the Shadow. Buddy to Rhevenge. Is a man-slag. Unfortunately for him, he is betrothed to the princess of the sHisbe race. I say unfortunately because the last thing this man-ho wants to do is get hitched to just one woman. Wimp that he is, he goes to hide in the Brotherhood mansion where he finds Selena. Reviewer note: "Keep your filthy mitts of that Chosen!"

So! Will Qhuinn and Blay ever mate? Can anything save Layla and Qhuinn's young? Will Layla betray Wrath to Xcor? And will Trez ever clean up his act enough to deserve Selena?
For the answers to these questions and more, READ THE SERIES ALREADY!!!

Oh yes, and then there's Lhucas. Qhuinn's blooded brother. The one that died in the raids? Or, did he? 

12: The King

Featuring Wrath & Beth. Trez & Selena, Assail & Sola AND! Layla & Xcor!
There's a hella lot going on in this book so I'm going to summarise.

The glymera have ousted Wrath! Yes, you read that right, and worse, they've done it because he married a half-breed. Now, if you know Wrath, and by now you should, no one disrespects his mate! Also, he doesn't want kids. Beth does and goes into her needing at the worst possible time. What else can go wrong? This.

Trez is back on the sHisbe radar now that the Queen's daughter is getting ready for her wedding, with Trez as her chosen husband (thanks to the stars that aligned at the moment of his birth). Big problem. He's  in love with the Chosen Selena. He's a man-whore. He's not worthy of Selena, and he knows it.

Sola ditches Assail and heads off to Florida. WIll she regret that decision? Assail is also on the Brotherhood sh*t list for dealing class As with the death stamp in the old language. He denies it, but when Lessers turn up trying to tout in Trez's club, it doesn't look good.

We love to hate Xcor, but he's a wild one sure and true. Layla will do anything to stop him from going after Wrath. Upto and including giving him her body. Then Xcor acts all gentleman like and it's hard to hate him, but Throe, his second in command? How dare he lay his hands on a Chosen! And to find out the outcome of all this, you will have to read the book.