Ted Bun

D-Day for Ruth

Ruth is on the verge of setting herself free from the shackles of marriage to a man who does not suit her at all and one who tries to control her by manipulation. What better way to do that than by casting off her clothes and going for a natural nature walk? With any luck, she will get more than she bargains for! But to find out what happens to Ruth when her divorce comes through, you will have to read the book. 

Ted Bun

I was born in London, lived most of my life in the south of England. I only say that to excuse writing with a Sarff Lundin acsint. After a lifetime of not knowing what to do, RAF Officer, TV delivery driver, drug rep, trainer, computer guy … I'd even spent three summers running a naturist resort in Portugal. I decided to try something new and retired. Lying by the pool in the South of France, a story started to take shape in my mind. Then the days got shorter, and the evenings longer, and I started to type. The string of random words turned into “The Uncovered Policeman.” Writing this story, I met the central characters, Bea being the most important. She nagged me into telling what turned into a series of light, cosy romances with a cast of pleasant happy people, with quirky characters. I first published on Valentine’s Day 2016. The New House trilogy, about a couple's first year of retirement in France, followed. “Almost a Year in Occitanie” - No, it is not autobiographical. OK, not very autobiographical. More recently, Crooke and Loch launch their careers, solving mysteries and crimes in “The Summer of '71" and in a series of follow-up stories spanning the 1970s. 2020 marked the debut of another character … Melody. A lady of a certain age, a generous size and blinding intelligence, who first appears in "Problems and Passions." The darkness of the great lockdown inspired some darker tales, for example "After The Event." As well as a few more escapist ones. Like "When The Music Stops" featuring the delightful Juliet Evans the singing solicitor. 

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