Charlotte Brontë


This is not a love story.

Set in a small Yorkshire town to the backdrop of war. Caroline loves her distant cousin Robert, but when it appears he loves her best friend she steps aside. Caroline fails as her heart is rent asunder.
Shirley, (Caroline's best friend) is not in love with Robert Moore, her heart holds a flame for his brother Louis. But, alas Louie is poor, Shirley is rich and her uncle is her guardian. her uncle will not permit her to marry below her station.
Robert runs away after a riotous attack on his mill.
Will he ever return to claim Caroline as his own? Will Shirley and Louis ever pluck up the courage to confess to each other?

This is not a love story. It is a Brontë story, and for anyone who knows Brontë, then you will know - it is.



Lucy's story begins with a visit to her Godmother and her son Graham. They are her world, until they are not. Lucy is now penniless, parentless, friendless and futureless. In wild abandon she heads for the continent. Fate takes her to Villette where she becomes a teacher.
Lucy Snowe loves her Doctor John, who is none other than the Graham of her youth, but he loves another, then another and another, with only the barest glimpses of friendship for her.
But what of her colleague, the irascible Monsieur Emanuel? Can he really love her? Can Lucy Snowe find friendship and even love in this French town?

The Professor


What a love story this is! William Crimsworth is unlucky in family, unlucky in finance and unlucky in love. Escaping to Belgium to become a professor with the help of his only friend he there falls for the lady teacher, Zoraide Reuter, next door who leads him a merry dance. When he discovers Mdms Reuter is also leading his boss Msr Pelet a merry dance he contrives to swim her out of his system, but she won't go so easily and when his attentions go to one of her staff she contrives to keep them apart.

When Reuter sends Frances away, William realises he is in love with Frances, but how can he ever find her?